Video: Councilmember Butt Leaves Richmond Housing Authority Meeting

Video from Wednesday, March 12, 2014 special meeting of the Richmond Housing Authority. Continue reading

Video: Richmond Resident Wesley Ellis Asks Council to Focus on Housing Issues

Video from Wednesday, March 12, 2014 special meeting of the Richmond Housing Authority. Continue reading

Don Gosney: Special City Council Meeting Shows Continued Need for Increased Transparency

I’m disappointed that this Council has chosen to host a Special Called Emergency meeting of the Council for tomorrow night (Wednesday) instead of making it happen on your regular meeting night of Tuesday (tonight). Continue reading

Jackie Thompson: Residents Deserve Safe, Decent Housing

An Open Letter to Councilmember Butt by Jackie Thompson, Public Housing Resident, Housing Authority Advisory Commissioner, and Housing Board Commissioner. Continue reading

Pastor Washington: Richmond Has Fallen Asleep at the Wheel of Social Justice

Richmond, the city of Pride and Purpose has, again, found herself in a position of national attention and judgement. Currently, this city is viewed as one of the worst cities in the country for having the most deplorable public housing accommodations. During these times of modernity the city rents-out, for profit, units ridden with bedbugs, roaches, rodents and various types of health obstructing molds. Continue reading

Contra Costa Times Letter to the Editor: Billboards touting the Chevron logo

Re-posted from the Contra Costa Times: You've seen them: Giant billboards with Chevron logos and flowing landscapes and Rosie the Riveter. Taking a page from Taco Bell hot sauce packets, the petrochemical giant has brought a cynical humor to Richmond.   Continue reading

TOM BUTT E-FORUM: Dying of Thirst in a Richmond News Desert

Re-posted from Tom Butt E-Forum: A “food desert” is a trendy term for an area that might have lots of grocery stores, typically corner markets, but have a serious lack of nutritious food offerings. Instead they may offer junk food, soda, liquor and tobacco products.  What we have in Richmond is a “news desert.”  New news sources, such as Chevron’s Richmond Standard, are popping up daily like spring flowers, but it seems the more we have, the drier the landscape becomes. The surface may even look wet, but it is a mirage, and below the surface, it is dry as a bone. Continue reading

SF Chronicle: Frustrated residents sound off on Richmond public housing

Re-posted from the San Francisco Chronicle: More than 70 residents of Richmond public housing unleashed years of frustration at a public meeting over squalid living conditions and what they called unhelpful and disrespectful Housing Authority staffers. Continue reading

Contra Costa Times: Richmond to hire independent investigator to audit troubled housing agency

Re-posted from the Contra Costa Times: Faced with systemic problems throughout its public housing agency and a lack of credibility with city staff, the City Council this week unanimously approved hiring an independent investigator to audit the troubled department. Continue reading

Don Gosney: Richmond Campaign Financing Hypocrisy

Posted by Don Gosney in response to the recent story by Robert Rodgers in the Contra Costa Times entitled "Another heated election looms in Richmond." Continue reading
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